Willows death sacrifice

Artist: Zelink / September 3, 2012

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Artist: Zelink
Date Added: September 3, 2012
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Description: Willow was fighting Widoww (her nemises)as Widoww aimed at Trae,Willow runs over and pushes Trae aside geting hit by Widowws beam.Before Willow went to go kill Widoww,Trae asked if she wanted him to come along;"No Trae,this is my job i have to do this alone."After Willow leaft,Trae followed her trying not to be seen(but Willow was aware he was following her)...Once Trae saw what Widoww had done and leaft,he rushed towards Willow.....Trae:"Willow,hang on Willow i can heal you (Trae has greater healing powers than Willow)" "Trae....no,its to late....you can not save me...""Oh i cant cant i not?!Just watch me!" *Trae lifts her up off the ground and onto a stone* *After Trae tries to heal her he finds she is right...her wounds are too great....*"No,why wont it work!?!" Willow:"Trae....just stop..." Trae:"No,Willow you can not die! I LOVE YOU,WILLOW!!!!!!!!"