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Violin Anime Girl

Artist: Purpletiger / September 2, 2015
Violin Anime Girl

Comments (19)
cami5570 · 4 years ago
Raven_Avenger1682 · 5 years ago
Nice Job! B)
Purpletiger · 5 years ago
Thanks :yay:
Raven_Avenger1682 · 4 years ago
Your welcome:)
markipie750 · 5 years ago
now your drawing make me feel I should of stayed in violin lessons
Purpletiger · 5 years ago
Violin is a beautiful instrument isn't it? Maybe you can recover sometime :3
markipie750 · 5 years ago
yeah, maybe
angel12310 · 5 years ago
This is just amazing!!!!!!!! I meant to comment on this yesterday but I had to get off immediately. This is just wonderful and so artistic. You're an amazing artist! :wow: :wow: :jawdrop: :wow: :jawdrop: :wow:
Purpletiger · 5 years ago
Thank you :tomatoe:
angel12310 · 5 years ago
angel12310 · 5 years ago
Just saw your artist comment. so u didnt make it... oh well I bet you could though. Whoever did is amazing!
Purpletiger · 5 years ago
Well I did the outline by myself and colored it with my colored pencils, though I didn't make the model :shakefist: When I saw the image I couldn't resist to try making it on Prismacolor, I just feel in love with it. But I did change the majority of the things like the clothes, the ribbon, and the colors to make it more my style.

Colonel_Cartoon · 5 years ago
:jawdrop: :jawdrop: pretty awesome
Purpletiger · 5 years ago
Thanks :3
Artist: Purpletiger
Date Added: September 2, 2015
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Description: I found this picture on Zerochan, I´m not the creator, I just colored it, I would love to give you the link to the original but I don`t seem to find it. Hope you like it! Made with Prismacolor