Violent the Harpy

Violent the Harpy

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January 17, 2013

This is my best friend I call her Kooky's Oc Violent in fanfiction I always use her. species: human body mixed with bird Looks: she has black low cut hair (split end) she has pale whilte feathers moslty look like skin. They turn pink aroun her cheeks when angry or blushing. She wears a dark purple dress dats ripped at the end with some heel boots. She has huge magenta eyes. Personality: she has a smartmouth at sometimes not always. She loved making some character mad she how do I say a good and bad person. She usual hangs with bowser and his kids since she babysit them and stuff. She hate being lied to and is terrifeid of spiders. Likes: vegtables, games, horror movies, ludwig von koopa, being random. Dislikes: hates meat at sum point. And hates being beat

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