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The Megahorn King Dragon

Artist: Antartistik / February 4, 2012
The Megahorn King Dragon

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Artist: Antartistik
Date Added: February 4, 2012
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Description: It is the mightiest and most respected in it's race. Because of the large tusk-like horns that curves around the dragon's ears determines it's royal status in the family bloodline, it has gained the rightful honor to be crowned king of the Megahorn dragons. Many dragon slayers have fallen in attempt to slaughter the ferocious beast but soon discovered it's tremendous power and vicious horns would make it a formidable adversary across the lands. Introducing the Megahorn King Dragon. I am really proud that I had the skill to actually draw the full figure model of a dragon. I underestimated myself and even had doubts that I could do it. Now that I see the proof, I think I know what I'm capable of. Thanks and enjoy :D