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Sebastian Michaelis

Artist: KawaiiApple / September 9, 2015
Sebastian Michaelis

Comments (9)
velma4ever · 5 years ago
Ooh, there goes a Sebby~ beautiful art!
KawaiiApple · 5 years ago
Haha thank you. >w< It was my first time drawing him.... he doesnt look all that correct but I like it.
velma4ever · 5 years ago
With practice comes improvement :D I like it too :D Its great for a first time drawing a chara! :D

magic_potato_xp · 5 years ago
I love Black Butler!
KawaiiApple · 5 years ago
Haha Yeah I love it too~
magic_potato_xp · 5 years ago
it's awesome

Artist: KawaiiApple
Date Added: September 9, 2015
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Description: Sebastian from Black Butler~ One of my favourite characters but not my favourite. That spot is taken up by the Undertaker..... *u* Heh I liked the Undertaker before he showed his face... He was pretty adorable then went to awesome XD