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Seal Silhouette Painting

Artist: lolligirl225 / June 20, 2017
Seal Silhouette Painting

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Artist: lolligirl225
Date Added: June 20, 2017
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Description: An extra credit assignment I completed for my art class. I used 2 complimentary colors, yellow and purple. I drew out a seal silhouette and made 1-inch squares for the background. From there, I painted the background by using various tints and shades of yellow and I also mixed yellow and purple together. I painted the seal purple. (Funny how seals are my favorite animals, and purple is my favorite color.) I know, I'm not exactly the best painter, but I'm working on improving that. Stayed tuned for more paintings! /// Reference URL: http://silhouettesfree.com/animals/ocean-animals/seal-silhouette-image.png /// This is my own original artwork, aside from the seal silhouette.