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April 17, 2010

Rex is that latest addition to my family so now we have three dogs. My brother found Rex on the side of the rode and brought him home. Rex slept in his car because he was hiding from him from my dad. The next day I needed a ride to school because my bike was screwed up and I was already late. When my brother opened his car door I saw Rex 'Sheriff Rex' as my brother called him. the poor thing was shaking literally like a phone so I took off my jacket and wrapped it around him. When I was petting him I found bite marks all over him. My brother told me he was attacked by coyotes or another dog. Since Rex is so fast maybe that is how he got away. Today Rex is living with grandma and comes over to visit sometimes. He gets along great with Rocky and Ginger (my other dogs). My brother found ReX a while after my birthday so Rex was the best late birthday present to me haha bye!

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