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Prothean Anatomy Studies

Artist: GideonGave / March 30, 2012
Prothean Anatomy Studies

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Artist: GideonGave
Date Added: March 30, 2012
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Description: (Ignore the heads. They are awful because I was focusing on the bodies haha) Working on prothean anatomy. The only references we really have on their body structure are the collectors, so I had this very based on that. They seem to have almost insect-like anatomy, with somewhat of an exoskeleton. I did however, make protheans a bit more human-like, for when I compared Javik to collectors, the Reapers seemed to have exaggerated the insect-like qualities much more than actual prothean body structure seems to show. Also, how do I prothean butts?! Collectors don't have butts. I want protheans to have butts.