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Plez Bread

Artist: ErinG30 / April 4, 2016
Plez Bread

Comments (4)
imakewl13 · 5 years ago
plez kill yourself unworthy fnaf fan donald trump supporter weeaboo furry :x_x:
ErinG30 · 4 years ago
I find it funny how you think a bunch of words actually strike me to be hurt. Please do note, my friend, it does nothing. Telling me to commit suicide and sending a cute little emoji isn't going to make me suddenly think, "Hey, a person online told me to die! Hmmm, maybe i should listen." Pfft, forget it. Even if you say "plez". I must say, this is quite a funny show to be honest... You're trying so hard. Good luck, my friend...
imakewl13 · 5 years ago
:x_x: :x_x: :x_x: :x_x:
ErinG30 · 5 years ago
Because that definitely makes a difference....
Artist: ErinG30
Date Added: April 4, 2016
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Description: Bread wants bread... Will you give him bread?