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Nightmare Fredbear (FnaF 4)

Artist: Denthil45620 / July 28, 2015
Nightmare Fredbear (FnaF 4)

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tdogrocks113 · 5 years ago
whats the difference between golden freddy and fredbear???
Denthil45620 · 5 years ago
Fredbear has 5 fingers and has an endoskeleton. Golden Freddy has 4 fingers and does not have an endo skeleton. Fredbear caused the bite of '87, golden Freddy didn't exist at that time. Hope this helps. ;)
tdogrocks113 · 5 years ago
Herobinewashere · 5 years ago
:hai: :hai: :hai: :hai: :hai:
Tigereyes · 5 years ago
This is great! I don't even play FNAF (scary!) and I like this!
XxSushiMonsterxX · 5 years ago
Woooe that is anazing even though I don't play FNAF lol I am adding this to my favorites
Denthil45620 · 5 years ago
Thx for the reply
XxSushiMonsterxX · 5 years ago
No problem =D =D
T3LiTtLePiGs · 5 years ago
I cant feel my legs whe I go poo

Artist: Denthil45620
Date Added: July 28, 2015
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Description: Another monstrous nightmare has arrived. This is Nightmare Fredbear. Some people may confuse Fredbear to be Golden Freddy, but it turns out that Fredbear is actually the predecessor of Golden Freddy.