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Never mess with a Demon

Artist: Halo_4_Warrior / September 22, 2014
Never mess with a Demon

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Artist: Halo_4_Warrior
Date Added: September 22, 2014
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Description: Benedict and Aurora were captured by my Villain OC, Servano. Benedict is protecting Aurora from Servano, and u can tell he's acting on parental instinct. Benedict belongs to Puppeteer-Mathew, not me. Servano and Aurora belong to me. Just so u know, Benedict's eyes turn gold with the Egyptian Ankh and the mark on his back glows a golden color when he's in combat mode, or in this case, when he feels his family is being threatened. No relation to character's original storyline, made just for fandom XD Made COMPLETELY in Microsoft Paint. OMG, I looooove how well the chains turned out XD