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Lunaxia Hylena

Artist: WhiteGuardian / May 9, 2018
Lunaxia Hylena

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Artist: WhiteGuardian
Date Added: May 9, 2018
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Description: My 2D entry for Dominance War 4 Contest. Character Name: Lunaxia Hylena Race : Norm Class Type : Clericon Artifact : Holy Crescent Guitar Element : Holy Background Story: A greatest Clericon in Ventaxia planet that armed with the legendary weapon, Holy Crescent Guitar. That's a powerful magical weapon that can use Holy magic and really good for short/long range attack. She is the 7th generation of the Holy Clericon family. Born in the full moon night that brought her a special holy power to control plantation. That's why her named with Lunaxia. When she was 5th years old, a 6 tentacles living flower attack her and fortunely a high priest saved her by using Holy Bracelet. It's sealed the madness power of the living flower, then she gave Lunaxia the power to control the bracelet. The living flower follow and protect her till now. When the Demon rised and the machine continue their hostility in the galaxy, Lunaxia has been chosen as the Main General to lead the Ventaxia's army to protect their planet and fight against the enemy, Demons and Machines.