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Lioness Roaring

Artist: Tigereyes / November 25, 2015
Lioness Roaring

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Artist: Tigereyes
Date Added: November 25, 2015
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Description: I have two pieces of wicked cool lion artwork for you guys today! The first is of a powerful lioness roaring, ready to defend her pride. Despite the fact that most people imagine a brave male lion fighting and hunting for his pride, its the females that do the majority of the work. They hunt for the pride, and feeding for up to thirty hungry lions is a tough job, especially since male lions eat up to 40 pounds of meat at a time! The male's job is to help hunt if necessary, and to be there to fight in case other lions attack, which doesn't happen all the time. So mostly, they sleep, on an average of 20 hours per day. King of the beasts is also King of the Couch Potatoes. :)