Large calibre assault rifle

Artist: The_Nezumi / September 26, 2010

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Artist: The_Nezumi
Date Added: September 26, 2010
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Description: The Valknut HC-22 high calbre rifle. Originally designed as an anti-materiel sniper rifle.The muzzle brake and carbon fibre force distribution matrix system(C.F.F.D.M.) made the weapon more wieldy then originally anticipated. This enabled engineers to increase the rate of fire to assault rifle specifications.The rifle has become synonymous with in field reliability and accuracy as it is seemingly impossible to jam and has a sub MOA accuracy rating due to its sniper rifle heritage.The only drawback of this otherwise perfect weapon is that its specialized systems are expensive and due to the shear amounts of force involved during firing, prone to constant maintenance. specs: effective range:1500m calibre:408 cheytac/ .338 lapua Minute Of arc (MOA):0.87 Rate of fire:400 r/m Magazine cap:20