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Artist: Cmilodonka / June 19, 2012

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Artist: Cmilodonka
Date Added: June 19, 2012
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Description: The place of habitat - the cliffs near of the rivers. He is cunning and very curious. Ketzarkus is an omnivore dragon, but he prefers fish and eggs, sometimes insects. He isn't dangerous, but he likes to steal things and small pets and even children. It's not difficult to tame him - it's difficult to control him. But, Ketzarkus can be a real friend, not very strong, but the brave and the bold. Cunning, speed and dexterity - his main weapons. Life expectancy - 100-130 years, length from beak to tail - 5,5 m, height in withers - 2,5 m, wingspan ~ 7 m. Speed of flight - 250 km\h.