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Juvia Lockser

Artist: lolligirl225 / October 15, 2016
Juvia Lockser

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NerdyOtaku101 · 5 years ago
Very nice~
lolligirl225 · 5 years ago
Thank you! :lol:
NerdyOtaku101 · 5 years ago
You're welcome~
Artist: lolligirl225
Date Added: October 15, 2016
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Description: I decided to start dawing some more Fairy Tail artwork, so I drew a scene of Juvia during a battle. To be specific, it was the Juvia VS. Meredy battle during the Tenrou Island Arc. Those of you who are pretty far in the series know of this, others may not. So if you're curious to see the battle, I suggest you get watching/ reading! Expect more Fairy Tail art soon. :) Anime: Fairy Tail Character: Juvia Lockser Original Picture Link: http://pm1.narvii.com/5781/5cad6b99a476450ac2f47b92738d4e018c9a7e04_hq.jpg All credits go to the original artist.