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Juuzou Suuzya Fan Art

Artist: OblivionX2 / August 11, 2016
Juuzou Suuzya Fan Art

Comments (5)
lolligirl225 · 5 years ago
AWESOME! :omgomg:
OblivionX2 · 5 years ago
Glad you like it ^^ ;)
lolligirl225 · 5 years ago
You're welcome! :hai:
chompy18 · 5 years ago
Love it! There is enough color to be interesting, without being overwhelming, you also did a great job on getting the hands right, which is hard to do. A lot of people just splatter blood randomly on a drawing, but you seem to have put thought in to where you place it. One bit of advice, though the stitches on his hand seem to be one solid color, which makes them not quite fit in with the rest of the drawing, it may have been better to use the same tool for those as you did with the rest of the picture
OblivionX2 · 5 years ago
Great, glad you liked it next time I do a drawing i'll remember that advice :) I might also edit the drawing so i'll keep that in mind thanks :)
Artist: OblivionX2
Date Added: August 11, 2016
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Description: A computer drawing of my all time favourite anime character Juuzuo Suzuya from Tokyo Ghoul, as you can probably tell I went wrong and changed his appearance a lot I wanted him to look more psycho so I drew him that way this took ages