JessieJ Tutorial Netting Nails Step16

Artist: catlucker / February 16, 2011

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Artist: catlucker
Date Added: February 16, 2011
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Description: NETTING & NAILS TIPS! When filling in those nails, it's like polishing them. Use 9B Graphite Pencil Sticks. Stroke down the length of the nail and you can do this darkly. But the tip is those strokes will have texture and give a realistic value. Do leave a white spot at the end of the nails for highlight. NETTING! It looks hard, but it's not that bad. Add some patience and focus and you will see results. Look at the direction of the lines and follow the natural curve. You'll be doing the curves in opposite directions, but this isn't crosshatching, which looks chaotic, but gives good shading results.