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Artist: VampireRose / July 11, 2015

Comments (27)
AwesmazinglyMe · 5 years ago
Wow :jawdrop: :boogie: :yay: X3
VampireRose · 5 years ago
markipie750 · 5 years ago
that almost like the real jack :inlove:
VampireRose · 5 years ago
Yay :lol:
markipie750 · 5 years ago
i also like your pic as well. i like Harley Quinn too. :rock:

Orange_Sock · 5 years ago
That rocks mor than a rock and roll band.
VampireRose · 5 years ago
Awe, thanks hun!!
Catbug14 · 5 years ago
:drool: I wish I could draw like u :jawdrop:
VampireRose · 5 years ago
Awe :3 well I'm starting tutorials on YouTube, I don't have many characters or anything, so if I don't have something you'd like to learn, you can definitely request it Puddin! :boogie:
Catbug14 · 5 years ago
Kewl!! I watch a lot of YouTube, What's your channel name? ( I would sub but I can't have a account) Could u draw Ticci Toby? :inlove: That would be awesome!

RandomUser · 5 years ago
:jawdrop: :jawdrop: :jawdrop: :jawdrop: :jawdrop: You...drew that?
VampireRose · 5 years ago
Yep! :boogie:
Artist: VampireRose
Date Added: July 11, 2015
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Description: What up Internet!? So recently I've been binge watching Jacksepticeye (if you do not know who he is... what are you doing on the Internet?) and if you guys have been with me for a while on social shizz you know that when I binge watch something, it's go hard or go home (home being Netflix) so yeah, been binge watching his videos and they are so freaking awesome, anyways I love you guys, have a beautiful day and please don't forget to smile. Xoxo, Ava/Scion