Hello Darkness

Artist: PencilWolf / April 27, 2010

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Artist: PencilWolf
Date Added: April 27, 2010
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Description: If you have read the books Gone and Hunger by Micheal Grant, you would understand what this picture is about. if you havnt, then you really need to read them. In the books, there is this alien-radioactive-thinggy called the Darkness, at least, thats what the Coyotes and Lana call it. It is pure evil. Everyone 15 and over dissapear, and keep dissapearing. Even if you havnt read the books, and this image makes no sense, its still pretty cool, but it didnt turn out like i wanted.*spoiler alert!!!!!!* This is the thing that makes them dissapear. Time slows down and the "victim" suddenly sees someone they really love that dissapeared as well. Its all an optical allusion. what it really is is the monster you see in the picture. The person reaches out to hug or grab the monster, and then they dissapear.