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Artist: GideonGave / June 5, 2012

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Artist: GideonGave
Date Added: June 5, 2012
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Description: Part of my original world, Phephelune http://phephelune.tumblr.com/ More commonly known by the name Guffaw, the Trickster God reins over wits, lies, deception, illusions, riddles, and humor. He manifests as a centaur-like being, with a human-like upper torso resting on the shoulders of a large, green, thin, wispy creature, the creature’s eyeless head extending out from below the shoulders. Off of the creature’s head is a long rope-like extension that splits off into a loop that serves as reins. Guffaw’s human head is adorned with multiple horns that all point backwards, except for the most prominent horns that extend from his forehead and curl. He is constantly spawning and retracting multiple limbs from his body, and he almost always has a maniacal grin on both heads. His armor is made up of separate pieces, all with illuminated centers that his aura is stored in. These pieces will separate and lift from his body in order to surround his subjects, creating the area for his illusions. Guffaw is not one of the nicest deities, however he is far from evil. He merely likes to play with his subjects, creating wild illusions to those who call on him and having them solve near-impossible riddles. He almost always speaks in lies. He is the source of the Fool’s Limb blessing, which gives the blessed one or more extra limbs as well as a higher capacity of wits. Many with his blessing gain his over-abundance of pride. When Phephelune was young, Guffaw was the most pro