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Artist: catcrazy2396 / November 24, 2015

Comments (4)
AnnieWarriorWoah · 4 years ago
lalalala :singing: i fell asleep looking at this :zzz: make it better :shakefist:
catcrazy2396 · 4 years ago
Hey, I mean, this was posted a long time ago, and just saying, come on man, thanks for letting me know it sucks, but just saying, I don't post EVERY single thing I draw. And if you don't like what I draw, you're not being forced to look at it.
AnnieWarriorWoah · 4 years ago
I mean you could have drawn it with pointer ears. :blank: :blank: :blank:

Artist: catcrazy2396
Date Added: November 24, 2015
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Description: Decided to sit down and draw something and here's the outcome! Hope someone likes it! Someone should shoot me a challenge, that'd be great! :D Thanks, Everyone! :D