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Going in Circles

Artist: ElmosWorld / March 17, 2016
Going in Circles

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Artist: ElmosWorld
Date Added: March 17, 2016
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Description: I drew this a while ago, It took me hours to get down an idea that took me seconds to think up, once again it started as a doodle and developed into the piece you see now. The circle represents my life at the time, everything you see inside the circle have a meaning, I was 13 at the time, I loved and got heart broken because I was young and naive, I went through really tough times and did some really stupid things because of bullying and the issues that came from it, I felt broken... But, ever the optimist I thought there's always a bright side, anyway, I'm rambling, what's drawn around it are four memorable times in my life. At the bottom was me moving into my new house, a blank slate, A fresh start. Going anti clockwise to the right was the Christmas after. I felt left out, I spent most of the day sat on the roof of a climbing frame at the local park, when the new term started, the bullying and rumors at school started and that building represents deep rooted depression, anxiety and paranoia which kept me from doing the things I love. Finally the building on the left, My family and home were broken, I was getting bullied and I was right on the edge I felt like I was running out of time, like I had no more fight in me but like the machine plugged into the building I kept on going despite everything and now I bear scars, memories and baggage that make me the person I am today... This today still remains my favorite piece even though I've done bigger and better just because it