Gift art for kryptonkrusher

Artist: Halo_4_Warrior / June 9, 2015
Gift art for kryptonkrusher

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Catbug14 · 4 years ago
I ship it :3
Halo_4_Warrior · 4 years ago
Pfft! Please, there's a 6-7 year difference between us XD
Catbug14 · 4 years ago
Oh, XD Sorry

Noob_The_Ninja · 5 years ago
Aww thank you! ^_^
Halo_4_Warrior · 5 years ago
Anytime xD
Noob_The_Ninja · 5 years ago

Artist: Halo_4_Warrior
Date Added: June 9, 2015
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Description: Gift art for my good friend, Noob_The_Ninja. He goes by kryptonkrusher on Tumblr. Made COMPLETELY in Microsoft Paint. Made out of friendship and boredom XD The guy with the navy blue tail is Noob, and the girl with the rattlesnake tail is me XD