Garden of Eden, Original Keyblade Design

Garden of Eden, Original Keyblade Design
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December 18, 2010

This is an original Keyblade design I drew a while back. Lemme give you a little background on what a Keyblade is. A Keyblade is a legendary weapon from the game Kingdom Hearts. It is a combination of a key and a sword. Very few people are chosen to wield this magical weapon and those that do gain powers that no ordinary person can use. An example of a Keyblade Master from the game is Sora, the main protagonist. Riku, his friend, is also able to wield a Keyblade. This Keyblade is called Garden of Eden because of he vines growing from it. As you can see, the teeth of the blade is comprised of two vines and a Heart symbol (Very symbolic in the actual game.)

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