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Artist: Moone / September 18, 2015

Comments (9)
Colonel_Cartoon · 5 years ago
Who are these people? I have seen them before but I can't place them. O_o O_o O_o
Moone · 5 years ago
They're from Fire Emblem. Inigo and Lucina from Fire Emblem: Awakening and Soleil from Fire Emblem: Fates. Awesome game if you haven't played it before. :D
Colonel_Cartoon · 5 years ago
ok thanks for the info. What system is it for and what is it about?

angel12310 · 6 years ago
Protocol_Shadow · 6 years ago
This is really good B) :yay:
Moone · 6 years ago
Thank you so much!! :D
Protocol_Shadow · 6 years ago
Your absolutely welcome(^-^)
Artist: Moone
Date Added: September 18, 2015
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Description: Lucina, Inigo, and Soleil from Fire Emblem: Awakening/Fates. Darn Luci for not being in Fates.