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Electric Cafe Kraftwerk Album

Artist: artsyem / November 26, 2011
Electric Cafe Kraftwerk Album

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Artist: artsyem
Date Added: November 26, 2011
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Description: This is one of my favorite albums from one of my favorite bands,Kraftwerk(meaning power plant in German)!!!This band is from Germany and was popular in the seventies and eighties and the still perform today!Their music style is techno and electropop and they were actually the first band to start playing this type of music and influenced many styles,including hip-hop,pop,dance,and techno.Some of their best songs are Computer Love,Robots,Neon Lights,Trans Europe Express,Telephone Call,Techno Pop,and Pocket Calculater.These names may sound like weird names(trust me I didn't like this band the first time i heard them)but after a while you will realize that they are amazing!Without them most of the modern music we like(Lady Gaga,Katy Perry,Pitbull,etc.)wouldn't be here without Kraftwerk.They even invented there own musical instruments and were the first to use the voice synethesizer.Even Coldplay and Planet Rock have used some of Kraftwerk's music in their songs.Kraftwerk is a unique band with an amazing view about music and no other band can match their funky beats and hyperstatic ways.Even today's top artists can't match the futuristic quality of Kraftwerk's music.Well,i hope you enjoy this drawing and listen to some of Kraftwerk's awesome music!