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Artist: ErinG30 / April 11, 2016

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imakewl13 · 4 years ago
alright the truth behind my hate is that i strongly dislike fnaf. i just dont like the ships and sometimes i get worked up because i have depression. some time i get really jealous and edgy and wrote hate comments, like i did to you. honestly, i just want someone to love me like foxy loves chica or basically any other ship. all i want is for someone to love me for once. im not saying YOU have to, and i really dont like the idea or sound of dating. so thats all i wanted to say. i hope you take this into consideration.
ErinG30 · 4 years ago
I will, i don't like the FNaF ships either, I'm not on that side of the fandom (I used to be, I must admit). But if you want people to care for you, you must be kind back, don't give off negative vibes or people will dislike that, like i did.
Artist: ErinG30
Date Added: April 11, 2016
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