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February 22, 2012

you see this girl, she is wearing a cute dress in many colors, you would have probably thought that she should have been happy, but she is not. Just because you look good or is cute does not mean that one is happy all the time. It may be that girl that is so popular and kind all the time actually crying all day. If you see a girl who just goes black and you probably think that she is dark, cruel and strange, but it can be completely converted. She may be gentle, kind, funny and sweet, without that, you know. I drew this drawing to show that it can be the exact opposite of what you see on people. The girl you called Ugly? She spends hours of makeup and hope that people will like her. The boy you just kicked the legs? He gets beaten up at home. The guy you made fun of because he is crying? His mother is dying. Things are not always as you think!

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