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Carrot the Merrot
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June 18, 2010

Ummm, well. This....This is a Merrot. What is a Merrot you may ask? Well.... I have no idea. I dunno where this came from. I just made it up... A merrot is a creature of surpreame speed, mobility, and agility. Its body is long and a dragon-like serpintien shape. Its legs are long and skinny with tiger-like paws. Its tail si whiplike and long with a large flower-like organ on the end of it. This organ lets out jets of flame, that can be colored, based on the Merrot's mood. This can be used for communication or for broadcasting feelings. A merrot is also wonderfully smart and you can hold conversations with it if you speak its language that all exers like it speak. There is more to the description, but im afraid i'll run out of room. ;)

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