At the Carnival

Artist: PencilWolf / August 11, 2010

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Artist: PencilWolf
Date Added: August 11, 2010
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Description: Commision! Remember that Rayas thing? Yep. This is the thing the winner wanted me to draw. *shrug* It didnt turn out quiet how i wanted it too... especially Rayas's pose. THE STORYLINE THING: The hooded creeper is the villian to the whole thing, but is the beta-villian i guess you could say. The mask... Yeah. Thats the skin from his/her enemy, SEWN onto his/her face. The girl is the puppet. She's a successful puppet that escaped or something, i havnt figured it out... And Rayas is helping her around in the world. If ya wanna know the villian's side (which inspired all of this, and was just a quick example of writing to vent out some emotions.... go here: