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About Me: Okaii, darling I thought I'll redo tis cause I changed! ;D let's see I'm a lesbain and proud! I foun more
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Country: United States
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Interests and Hobbies: Hot topic, making ppl smile, laughing, drawing obviously, singing, stepping, STEALING YOUR OREO AND LUKES HELLO KITTY BAND AIDS XD RIP LUKE ): he was my emo buddie ...he could always make me laugh
Favorite Movies & TV Shows: Hmm P: -gets a marker and scratches out movies- SHOWS LOL Okaii I love law and order adventure time regular show criminals minds gumball boondocks and other chizz (I think chizz means a German saus
Favorite Music: Mumford and sons He is We Wiz Khalifa TMillz MAYJ PEREYA SHE ISH LIKE SO FUCKING SEXY! Hmm, Bvb I MISS SANDRA (if you who that ish give me a hug) lol Lots more darling ..moving on c:
Favorite Books: Any that's not boring..


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