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About Me: My name is Krystal. I was born in Puerto Rico. I have lived in Alabama for about 3 years or 4 years more
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Interests and Hobbies: I like to read, write, and draw. I also started getting into photography and so far I like it.
Favorite Movies & TV Shows: I really like horror movies, Disney movies, mystery and romantic movies. I like spooky, creepy or things. Or movies with a twisted plot. Some of my favorite movies are Beetle juice, Corpse Bride, The
Favorite Music: Favorite bands: The Cure, The Sisters of Mercy. I also enjoy listening to: Bauhaus, New Order, Shinedown, Disturbed, Green Day, Peter Murphy, The Mission, Depenche Mode, Volbeat, Rosetta Stone, The 6
Favorite Books: I don't have a favorite book but some of the genres that I like are: horror, thriller, romance, graphic novels, fantasy, and anything that has to do with the supernatural or a dark, spooky theme.


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