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  catwoman01 posted a post 5 years ago

Hey whats up

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  maddielover posted a post 5 years ago

whats up

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About Me: I love to watch TV and I love Batman and i am trying to become him! :) I am looking for a girl that' more
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Country: United States
Age: 18
Gender: Male
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Interests and Hobbies: Fighting crime(and my brother), Watching TV, Looking nowhere, L.A.R.P militaria, and talking to people( but i also like solitude), former hockey player, I like talking to girls.
Favorite Movies & TV Shows: LOTR,Star wars,Batman Movies,Wedding crashers,Corpse bride, Simpsons, Indiana jones, The Natural( i fuckin' love you robert redford)(not in a gay way), I like charlie chaplin, Apocalypse Now, Harold a
Favorite Music: AC/DC, Bruce springsteen, Frank sinatra, the doors, the ramones, Rolling stones,Bob dylan, The who, Van morrison, iggy pop, Beatles, Bjork, The clash, David Bowie,Grateful dead, Guns and Roses, Queen
Favorite Books: LOTR, Alice in Wonderland,Lemony snicket all the wrong questions,And comics... lots of comics(preferably Batman).


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