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  spectra19909 uploaded 2 artwork 7 years ago

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  spectra19909 uploaded 3 artwork 7 years ago

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  spectra19909 uploaded 1 artwork 7 years ago

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About Me: I have no idea what to put here...um...purple is my favorite colour,i'm terrible at drawing realisti more
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Interests and Hobbies: Drawing, Singing, Reading, Acting, Painting, Being awsome(LOL),Texting,Writing stories,Doing yoga,playing basketball,playing soccer,Listening to music,not doing homework,Photography...
Favorite Movies & TV Shows: Arietty, Brave, Jack the giant slayer, Oz the great and powerful, The Avengers, Rise of the guardians, Snow white and the huntsman, Journey to the centre of the earth (1 and 2),The Vow, Mirror mirror,
Favorite Music: Pink, 1D, Allstar Weekend, Katy Perry, Ross Lynch, Marianas Trench, R5, Zendaya, Miley Cyrus, Dragonnete, Kelly Clarkson, Avril Lavigne, Demi Lovato,Taylor Swift, Hatsune miku (umm... im not sure if t
Favorite Books: Into the woods,Wish upon a unicorn(series),The land of elyon (series), Spellfall, Meet the kreeps (series), Fullmoon (anime series), Dragon rider, Unicorns of Balinor(series),xxxholic (anime series),The dead end, Her evil twin, Throne of glass(series), Ouran Highschool Host Club(series), The city of amber(series)...


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