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About Me: I love to read!. I also do love to draw sing and do my own things. :3
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Interests and Hobbies: drawing,reading,singing,listening to music, hangin out with my group the soup squad, and other stuff. Yea. The Soup Squad. Long story. :)
Favorite Movies & TV Shows: the hunger games, brave( btw ADORABLE!!) Cloudy with a chance of meatballs and a lot of the new movies such as PARANORMAL ACTIVITY 3 (kinda boring though)
Favorite Music: Skrillex, Coldplay, One direction, cobra starship, the fray, nicki manaj, Glee covers
Favorite Books: The hunger games, Catching fire, Mockingjay, I am number four, The power of six, (coming soon) the rise of nine, The whole percy jackson series, the heroes of Olympus, the kane chronicles, and the peter and the starcatchers series. :3


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