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rank: n.r.
Level: 1
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8xp Needed to Earn Level 2
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About: All you need to know is that I love unicorns.
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Status Request Type Requester

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  Raven_Queen14 uploaded 1 artwork 8 years ago

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  Catbug14 posted a post 8 years ago

Hi!!! You can change your profile pic by click on profile home, then there is a small blue box that says upload. Click on space above and it will take u 2 ur pictures. Click on the picture u want and hit upload. DONE! THERE IS UR NEW PROFILE PIC!!! :D

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  CALEB10 posted a post 8 years ago

oh I see you don't have any art well would you like to change you profile pic?

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  Jacob956 posted a post 8 years ago

I'm sorry I took long :(

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