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About Me: Just a canadian girl,from a small town.Who loves to draw :). Favourite things to draw are:Animals,Pe more
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Country: Canada
Age: 24
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Interests and Hobbies: Drawing,traveling,dancing,hanging with friends,parting,writing,sleeping :P,Badminton<3,enjoying nature and Playing Video Games! Being on twitter :P
Favorite Movies & TV Shows: TRANSFORMERS! 1-3 (cried in number 3)Parts from history turned into action movie ex:Robin hood etc.Avatar is amazing along with Ghost Rider,Avengers,Spider-Man and Iron man! Super hero movies are awes
Favorite Music: Never Shout Never!! Hedley! Pierce The Veil<3,pretty much anything that plays on the radio.Pop,pop punk,pop rock,rock,punk,dance,house,and a bit of country(hardly any).Also I'm looking for new bands/a
Favorite Books: Anything action packed,Percy Jckson is an amazing series,house of night,and anything with fantasy or sci-fi like:vamps and werewolf's.Maze runner is a good book series,and the lost hero.


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