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About Me: i love watching anime w/ my big brother and i'm learning how to draw anime. I play a pink flute :lol more
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Country: United States
Age: 21
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Interests and Hobbies: roller blading with freinds,painting,sketching,sculpting,singing,watching anime,swimming,biking,tv,intenet!,and wearing cat hats! =O-O=
Favorite Movies & TV Shows: hunger games, secret world of arrietty, my neighbor totoro,inuyasha,(Shows) kekaishi,full metal alchemist, cat god,shugo chara!, tower of druaga,dog days,rave master,adventure time,amazing world of gu
Favorite Music: pop,rock,little bit of rap NO OLDIES! :x_x: I really don't like oldies...
Favorite Books: hunger games,evermore,warriors,inuyasha the manga,Maximum ride novel and manga version,and eureka 7.


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