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  MooImaCow uploaded 3 artwork 8 years ago

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About Me: I am a human when I am not being a cow.
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Joined: 8 years ago
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Country: United States
Age: 21
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Interests and Hobbies: I enjoy Martial arts, drawing, obsessively chewing gum, hanging out with my horse friend Roarin, and running away from zombies down the street in real life playing with the Zombies, Run! app.
Favorite Movies & TV Shows: Zombieland, warm bodies, and spaceballs. Doctor who.
Favorite Music: Panic at the disco (band), Teenagers by my chemical romance, Feel like a monster by Skillet, Metallica (band), Green day, Makeshift Chemistry by crown the empire,Mariana's trench (band), I hate everyt
Favorite Books: I like Let's Pretend This Never Happened by Jenny Lawson,the Warriors series, and The Hunger Games.


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