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About Me: well my name is marie :3 but people call me nemo since im well emoish lol idk if dats a word but yea more
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Country: United States
Age: 23
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Interests and Hobbies: well i um draw of course lol since i was 5 im self tought i skateboard n play video games omg i could play all day long as long as it has zombies n guns (; lol rawr!!!
Favorite Movies & TV Shows: i uhh....hmm i am like idk lol i mostly watch horror movies cuz i like getting scared but i dnt get scared easily
Favorite Music: uhh well i love techno music n i love every song of coldplay n three days grace <3
Favorite Books: ummmm... well i dont have favorites cuz i dnt read much but when i read its books bout love n vampires or little baby books cuz i read for my baby brother >.<


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