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  princessmilena posted a post 4 years ago

gtg now lucky!bye!

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Luckyclover · 4 years ago
princessmilena · 4 years ago
Luckyclover · 4 years ago

  princessmilena posted a post 4 years ago


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Luckyclover · 4 years ago
Hi! How are you? :3
princessmilena · 4 years ago
good thank you!u?
Luckyclover · 4 years ago
Want to be friends?

Luckyclover · 4 years ago
Trying to make new pictures to show you. :speechless: I got no ideas =3

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About Me: I really like music so i might upload some things that have to do with music. I might also do Dj P more
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Favorite Movies & TV Shows: My favorite movies are the "Harry Potter" movies. And maybe Pacific Rim. =3
Favorite Music: I like nightcore music which means higher in pitch and faster or one or the other. I also like song from the past like "Bye bye bye" & "Eye of the Tiger".
Favorite Books: I really want to read the Harry Potter books. After seening the movies i really want to read the books. But right now i would have to pick "The School for Good and Evil".


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