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  Kitty_Khat uploaded 1 artwork 8 years ago

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About Me: Mostly when I got any free time, I just draw, draw, draw lol. What I usually draw are anime and mang more
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Country: Japan
Age: 21
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Interests and Hobbies: Mainly, my only favorite hobbies are Tennis, soccer, and sketching ( I don't think sketching is a hobby but it should)
Favorite Movies & TV Shows: My favorite movies are Chocolates And Kisses, Sweet Scent, And A Hope To Fly. Mainly all of them are sweet stories about couples breaking up, and making up.
Favorite Music: My favorite music are: Dynamite, Hey soul sister, Ranma 1/2 opening, Lucky star openings, and Breathe Carolina.
Favorite Books: My favorite books are Harry potter, any series, Ranma 1/2, and Swiss to swiss. Its a really fun and funny book if you read it.


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