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About Me: That's a secret o.O So don't you dare tell anyone
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Country: Sweden
Age: 24
Gender: Male
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Interests and Hobbies: Drawing, Music, Ice Hockey, Snowboarding, Soccer, Wrestling, Computer/Video games, SCIENCE!!
Favorite Movies & TV Shows: Lord of the Rings trilogy, The Hobbit, Star Wars, Fanboys, Tenacious D, The Art of Flight, That's it that's all, Where the Trail Ends, the Batman movies, American History X, Gladiator, Dirty Harry, Ha
Favorite Music: Sleeping with Sirens, Architects, The Offspring, Adept, The Naked and Famous, M83, Blink-182, Piecre the Viel, Bring Me The Horizon Her Bright Skies, Paramore, The Soundtrack of Our Lives, Mayday Para
Favorite Books: Just.. urgh.. too many


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