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About Me: There is so much stuff about me. And I no u don't want to be bored reading this so I'll shorten it f more
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Country: United States
Age: 21
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Interests and Hobbies: 1. I love to sing 2. I am an anime watching girl 3. I am pretty good at drawing 4. and some other things
Favorite Movies & TV Shows: Favorite movies. hmmm where to start.... Well, there's Abduction, and many more. I have a whole shelf full of of DVD's and VHS movies in my room!
Favorite Music: I have a lot of favorite music none that absolutely love to make it my favorite
Favorite Books: I have a lot of favorite books. Well, 1. the wish stealers, 2. the immortals series, 3. and many many more. I've read a lot of books. Some mine and some I got from my big sister when she moved out!


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