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  imakewl13 uploaded 1 artwork 5 years ago

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  imakewl13 uploaded 1 artwork 5 years ago

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  imakewl13 uploaded 1 artwork 5 years ago

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  ErinG30 posted a post 5 years ago

If you are going to constantly raid my interests and drawings I'm going to constantly question your existence. Can I ask you a question and can you answer reasonably please? Why do you hate me? Give me a GOOD reason.

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imakewl13 · 5 years ago
alright alright you win I lose. I'm an useless waste of flesh that deserves to die. I'm sorry I said all that stuff 2 u.
ErinG30 · 5 years ago
No it's ok. There is literally no need to insult yourself now. I'm just glad you apologized and didn't continue anymore useless arguments. I know everyone has opinions, but sometimes people have to understand everyone is different. You know what my dad told me, "Opinions are like armpits. We all have them. And some of them stink." But even if they are pretty bad, we shouldn't point it out. Also because you don't want to seem like a negative person. Thank you. :rock:


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