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About Me: Im not old like many people on here (i don't mean you are old... you're just older than me). Im 12 a more
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Country: United States
Age: 19
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Interests and Hobbies: ☻Drawing ☻Soccer ☻Movies ☻Listening to music
Favorite Movies & TV Shows: ☻Grown Ups ☻Grown Ups 2 ☻Girls Most Likely ☻Timothy Green ☻Frozen ☻ etc. (family has a bookcase with at least 600 movies)
Favorite Music: ☻ Tori Kelly- Nobody Love ☻Of Monsters and Men- Mountain Side ☻ Sheppard- Geronimo ☻Taylor Swift- Bad Blood ☻Taylor Swift- Style ☻ Tori Kelly- Dear No One ☻Cher Lloyd- Swagger Jagg
Favorite Books: ☻Dead Girls Don't Lie ~Jennifer Shaw Wolf ☻Prom ~Laurie Halse Anderson ☻The Slated series ~Teri Terry


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