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  lolligirl225 posted a post 4 years ago

Hey! How've ya been? I'm doing great in high school!

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  lolligirl225 posted a post 5 years ago

Hey... Did you ever get my email...? confused

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Fairytailclan227 · 4 years ago
Oh I'm so sorry. I haven't really been online lately :3 I have been working out getting ready for wrestling season. And we kinda moved so I haven't really done anything besides working out. Which email did you send it to again?
lolligirl225 · 4 years ago
Oh, OK! Don't worry about it, it's OK. I actually meant my email address, I don't believe I know yours. But mine is lorrinsart@gmail.com, so you can just send me something when you get the chance. =D
Fairytailclan227 · 4 years ago
Okay that sounds great! I definitely will

  Fairytailclan227 uploaded 1 artwork 5 years ago

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