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  Comtesse uploaded 1 artwork 9 years ago

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About Me: Friendly, so add me as a friend.. ^^
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Country: Yugoslavia
Age: 22
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Interests and Hobbies: Drawing, playing guitar, playing piano...
Favorite Movies & TV Shows: Lord of the rings, Avatar, Harry Potter, Click, The colour of the magic, Stargate Atlantis, Firefly, Twilight, Charmed Ella, Eragon, Ring of Nibelung, Dragons, Son of stone, Wall-e, December boys, Pir
Favorite Music: Pop, Rock, WOTE, Roxete, Journey, Baltimora, Bangles, Bananarama...
Favorite Books: Lord of the rings, Harry Potter, Hobit, Silmalirion, Just to be together, Young Tesla, Secret of the green island, Girls, First love...


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