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About Me: Hi my name is Marjorie and I am 15 year old bisexual,friendly, talkacitvie,not that really open but more
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Country: Australia
Age: 20
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Interests and Hobbies: Drawing Reading walking around at the skate park watching TV really big fan of it never watch scary movies I have once but that's not going to happen again unless you can provide a really rea more
Favorite Movies & TV Shows: Dark knight Dark knight rises Transformers1-4 most movies with Heath Ledgers MAVEL BIG BLOODY FAN :) my fav channel is Disney 707 and 708 captain America the winter solider dead pool hulk
Favorite Music: anything love songs are big with me my fav artist/s is Troye Sivan ,Fetty wap ,Fifth harmony ,5sos ,The vamps ,Avicii ,Mike Perry ,Mike posner ,Shawn mends ,imaginary dragons ,on
Favorite Books: The Magicians Lev Grossman Harry Potter books collection R.K Rowling Grimm Goosebumps series (read all of them )


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